Monday, December 10, 2012

12.12.12. Holiday Drinks at the ISE Cultural Foundation; a festive celebration with the Streaming Museum

Please join us at the ISE Cultural Foundation for a Holiday Toast on 12.12.12 from 6 to 8pm, hosted by TAG Fine Arts in collaboration with the Streaming Museum on the occasion of Katsutoshi Yuasa’s exhibition “Miraculous”.  The event also marks the Streaming Museum’s forthcoming 5 Year Anniversary. On view will be a video tour of public spaces on 7 continents where the museum has exhibited, a video of Katsutoshi Yuasa at work in his studio in Japan, and the museum’s current exhibition that is touring a network of big screens internationally. The backdrop to 12.12.12 is a show of critically acclaimed hand-carved woodcuts by Japanese artist Katsutoshi Yuasa that includes images culled from the internet and involves computer software in their process of creation. A timely exhibition, the subject of the work directly engages with our vulnerability in the midst of a powerful and sometimes devastating natural world. There will be an opportunity to speak with the curator and participate in a short tour of the exhibition during the evening. Please RSVP to Diana.

Katsutoshi Yuasa: Miraculous, installation shot, ISE Cultural Foundation
Katsutoshi Yuasa: Miraculous, installation shot, ISE Cultural Foundation
Katsutoshi Yuasa: Miraculous, installation shot, ISE Cultural Foundation

"Katsutoshi Yuasa: Miraculous" November 9, 2012 - January 4, 2013 |  ISE Cultural Foundation | 555 Broadway | New York | NY 10012 | For directions click here and to preview exhibition catalogue click here.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Katsutoshi Yuasa: Miraculous now opens November 9

Katsutoshi Yuasa, Pseudo Mythology 2, 2011, oil based woodcut with pigment
TAG Fine Arts is delighted to collaborate with New York's ISE Cultural Foundation on a stunning show of recent woodcuts by the young Japanese master, Katsutoshi Yuasa. Miraculous curated by Diana Ewer opens on November 9, 2012 to coincide with New York's print week.  The reception, from 6 to 8pm, is sponsored by TAG and Sake Discoveries Inc.  Please join us for a glass  to celebrate!

The curator and artist will also be In Conversation on Saturday, November 10, 2012, from noon to 2pm.  Attended by the artist, both events present an opportunity to learn more about Katsutoshi's unique woodcutting technique.

Yuasa makes woodcut prints from his own digital photographs. By combining two processes – the camera’s ‘snapshot’ and the woodcut’s lengthy reinterpretation of the same image – he hopes to crystallise the atmospheric and emotional character of his subjects. His pieces take weeks to complete, transforming his ephemeral subjects into haunting images, as beautiful up close as from a distance.

Preview the exhibition catalogue here.
For further information and to RSVP contact Diana Ewer.
Katsutoshi Yuasa: Miraculous | Nov 9,  2012 - Jan 4, 2013
ISE Cultural Foundation | 555 Broadway | New York | NY 10012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rob Ryan comes to the USA


Rob Ryan is something of a national treasure in the UK, celebrated for his beautiful paper cuts and screen prints. This summer we're thrilled to be bringing his work over to New York City for his first solo exhibition in the USA.

The exhibition will coincide with the launch of his first wall calendar published by Rizzoli. A selection of original paper cuts will be on show (including the 12 works that formed the basis for the calendar) along with a related series of 12 screen prints (editions of 250)

The works will be available from our website soon, or in the meantime you can contact us for more details. This is the first of many pop-up exhibitions we're planning in the USA so stay tuned! You can follow us on our NYC twitter account @TAGFineArtsNYC.

September 18 - 30, 2012
SOHOTEL Artspace Gallery | 345 Broome Street | New York | NY 10013

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Loved Ones

Danielle Durchslag's striking portraits look like oil paintings from a distance but up close you can see that her work is in fact constructed from hundreds of pieces of cut paper. She uses layered paper to explore the subtle, powerful process of human emotional development. As in human psychology, each new layer is crafted and informed by the one beneath it, to create a seemingly complete whole. 

"The Loved Ones" focuses on babies to emphasize how quickly each of us crafts a particular emotional outlook and how suddenly that outlook can change. Babies, more than adults, fully inhabit emotions without clinging to them - they are open and present in each new moment.  Durchslag is a master at capturing the very essence of a child's fleeting emotional outburst and in doing so she pushes her material - paper - to its absolute limits.  

Born in Chicago, Durchslag completed her Masters at New York University in 2011. Since graduating the artist has been invited to participate in a number of artist residencies including; the SIM residency in Reykjavik and closer to home, at Wave Hill, Bronx. Works from "The Loved Ones" series will be included in a group paper exhibition at the Christopher Henry Gallery, New York from May 10 - June 24.

Baby III, paper, tape and glue, 2010, Image Courtesy of the Artist

Baby IV, paper, tape and glue, 2010, Image Courtesy of the Artist

Eileen, paper, tape and glue, 2010, Image Courtesy of the Artist

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A rising star any which way you slice it - the work of Brooklyn based artist, Thomas Witte

A recent visit over to the Brooklyn Navy Yards, introduced me to new work by Thomas Witte.  At first, Witte's interest lay in stenciling. After graduating from Rutgers University, he traveled to Argentina, where he found himself drawn to the vibrant graffiti scene, and his time there solidified his interest in the technique.  However, in recent years, the artist's focus has shifted from mark making to the stencils themselves. Witte's subjects are culled from his Grandfather's collection of vintage photographs; images captured in a millisecond, often by an absent-minded, amateur eye.  The artist then painstakingly hand cuts his drawings with a x-acto knife, containing the transcribed image in one single sheet of A3 paper.  This process implies a certain fastidiousness but perhaps it is Witte's subconscious ability, which he describes as, "knowing when to end the line", that enables him to so successfully manipulate his material to convey the smallest shift in a reflection or gradient in a shadow.   This Spring, he exhibits in a group paper exhibition at Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, that opens May, 10 to June, 24. Go see this rising star in action!

"Untitled" (Motel), 2012,  22"x30", cut archival paper
Courtesy of the Artist
"Untitled" (China Town), 2011, 22'x30", cut archival paper 
Courtesy of the Artist

Monday, January 16, 2012

Paula Scher MAPS

TAG is pleased to offer limited editioned screen prints by the critically acclaimed designer and fine artist Paula Scher to coincide with MAPS on view at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC. An American artist and prizewinning graphic designer, Scher is a longstanding partner of the international design consultancy Pentagram. Her maps belie a different side to her creative talents. Dense, vibrantly colourful and displaying a wealth of wordy detail culled data from international media headlines, commercial maps and diagrams, they conjure up a powerful sense of place that manages to suggest both popular opinion and personal significance.  Scher’s hand-pulled screenprints are beautiful renditions of her original painted maps, made in collaboration with Andy Warhol’s master printer Alexander Heinrici.
Available MAPs from TAG include: Africa, China, Europe, and India. For further information click here

Paula Scher
Map of Africa
46.5 x 54 in, 152 x 137 cm
Hand pulled screenprint in colours, on Archival Museum board
Signed, numbered and dated by the artist in pencil
Signed edition of 90 Image courtesy of the Artist and TAG Fine Arts